SDAEOP 2017 Office Professional of the Year

2017 SDAEOP Office Professional of the Year

Deb Ulvestad of the Brookings School District was awarded the Office Professional of the Year award.  Deb has been a member of SDAEOP for thirty-two years.  She has served on the board as an Area Director and as President.  She is well-respected and appreciated by her administrators and co-workers in her district, as well as the other office professionals in the state-both inside and outside of our organization.

Following are a few things people wrote about Deb.

Deb has many qualities that help the Brookings School District to be a great place to learn and grow. Here are just a few of those qualities:

  1. BulletGreeting the public in a friendly and courteous manner

  2. BulletMaintaining a professional atmosphere in the office while being vigilant about keeping           our students safe from strangers

  3. BulletRelaying messages from parents to staff and students

  4. BulletMaintaining all school records as necessary

  5. BulletMaintaining confidentiality in all school matters

  6. Bullet Infinite Campus knowledge

Deb does all of the above duties and more with a smile on her face and an attitude that is inviting and caring for all she meets. I saw first hand, when I worked with her for 10 years at Sioux Valley, the professionalism that she demonstrated when interacting with students, parents and staff. I still call on her if I have a question about infinite campus or any other school related matter. She was the one who invited me to attend my first SDAEOP conference back in 1994. We have been attending the conference together every year since then!

For the past 10 years, we have been very fortunate to work with a remarkable office staff at Brookings High School. Deb Ulvestad is the leader of our office team. I have an enormous amount of respect for her and would describe her as loyal, efficient, confidential, dedicated, organized, professional-and appreciated.

During my tenure as Dell Rapids High School Principal, Deb has kindly offered her assistance to both Office Professionals employed at the high school. Deb has an incredible store-house of information, both from her years of experience... and from her willingness to find the correct answer when one is needed. She has been invaluable to us here at DRHS when we have questions about Infinite Campus reports or data entry, Perkins Grant data entry or program applications, Department of Education requirements and contacts, and high school specific needs such as class rank or post secondary been our first point of contact for our questions and difficulties.

We at times have jokingly said, "It's time to call Deb!"... and we are 100% confident of two things when we do so. First of all, we know that she will either have the answer or will find the answer for us. Secondly, we know that she will be helpful and cheerful in providing assistance.

Congratulations Deb from all your co-workers and friends of SDAEOP!

Deb Moberg

Paul von Fischer, Principal

Dr. Kimberly S. Kludt