South Dakota Association of Educational Office Professionals is a professional association for educational office personnel in the state of South Dakota.

SDAEOP is dedicated to the professional growth and recognition of educational office personnel as part of the educational team.

SDAEOP recognizes the unique role of educational office employees and the important contributions they make to the profession.

SDAEOP is an affiliate of the National Association of Educational Office Professionals NAEOP and through that affiliation recognizes National Educational Bosses' Week and National Educational Office Professional Week and is:

  1. Affiliated with the National Association for Public Continuing and Adult Education.

  2. Endorsed by the National Association of Elementary School Principals and the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

MEMBERSHIP is open to educational office professionals in any educational system or organization related to education in the state of South Dakota.


The Business of the Association is conducted at the Annual Meeting.


The Division of Elementary and Secondary Education in cooperation with the National Association of Educational Office Personnel (NAEOP) in August, 1980, sponsored a workshop for educational secretaries. One hundred people from school systems in the state of South Dakota were in attendance.

Inspired by Jeanne Haase, Vice President of the National Association of Educational Office Personnel, those in attendance voted to organize a state association. A steering committee, made up of volunteers from across the state, was created. In September, 1980, the Committee met and prepared a constitution to submit for membership consideration at the organizational meeting in October, 1980.

In June, 1993, the membership voted to change "Personnel" to "Professionals."


As educational office employees, we affirm our belief that an education is the birthright of every person and pledge ourselves to the preservation of that right. We recognize the special province of the professional educator and the significance of the responsibilities assumed by the educator. We also recognize the unique role of the educational office employee and the importance of the contribution made in such a position.


We realize that our individual positions, diverse though they may be, exist for the common purpose of service to others. We realize, too, the trust implied by that purpose and accept, with dignity and pride, the obligations it imposes. In fulfilling our commitment to the position, we shall:

  1. Perform our duties with energy and enthusiasm, striving ever to improve and extend our competencies.

  2. Be patient, fair, and helpful, using tact and restraint in dealing with others.

  3. Make a praiseworthy personal impression in appearance, manner, and speech.

  4. Use utmost discretion and sound judgment, acting only within the limits of our responsibility.

  5. Remain loyal to those with whom we work, observing highest ethical standards at all times.


We believe the quality of service rendered by educational office personnel directly influences the effectiveness of service rendered by the educational agency or institution as a whole. For that reason, we look to our professional associations for leadership in raising the standards of educational office personnel and in preparing them to meet the challenge of a rapidly changing world. In fulfilling our commitment of the profession, we shall:

  1. Become and remain active members of our professional associations, viewing such membership as an opportunity for personal development.

  2. Encourage other educational office personnel to join their professional associations, recognizing that growth is essential to group strength and progress.

  3. Acknowledge that a profession is held responsible for the conduct of its members, realizing that by our actions as individuals the profession may be judged.

  4. Interest others in careers as educational office personnel, bringing into our ranks capable and efficient individuals.

  5. Place service above personal convenience or pleasure, endeavoring always to be a credit to our profession.


We consider of singular importance our right as citizens to share responsibility for the development of public policy. However, as educational officer personnel we acknowledge a special duty to join in formulating those courses of action that relate to education. In fulfilling our commitment to the community we shall:

  1. Acquire a working knowledge of the agencies or institutions we serve, realizing that others will look to us for information and guidance.

  2. Exercise caution in making public statements, remembering that such may be given unusual weight because of our positions.

  3. Take an active part, within limits prescribed by statute, ordinance, tradition, or good taste, in the improvement of educational opportunities for all, considering this not only our prerogative but our obligation.

SDAEOP is governed by membership adopted Constitution and Bylaws. Officers are elected by the membership through an email ballot. The Executive Committee (President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) are elected from the membership at large. Six directors are elected from defined geographic areas, thus insuring representation for all members on the Board of Directors.