In Memory of Boots Owens


Many years ago I attended my first SDAEOP conference. I will always remember sitting at a table at the far back of the room, hoping no one would notice me. Our speaker was Geraldine "Boots" Owens. She was a powerful speaker, and I recall hearing her talk about having a positive attitude and how that characteristic will help you get to where you want to be in your career. It is so true, and it can be catching. Once you begin thinking positive and practicing positive thinking your entire world changes. It doesn't happen overnight, but you are aware of a different way of thinking and it is your choice. And so ... I like to think that my journey of professional growth began when I attended my first SDAEOP conference.

Several years later I heard Boots speak again at a NAEOP conference. She spoke on Positive Minus Negative. How often do we describe ourselves positively? As Boots said, It is unnatural to praise yourself! Try it sometime. Write your name in capital letters, one letter at a time, vertically down the page, then write an adjective that describes you for each letter. Boots advice was, "Make yourself sound great!"

Her messages affect me on a daily basis and these are timeless tips that will never grow old. Boots gave me permission to publish some of the fun things she gave us in a handout to share with others. I hope you benefit from them as much as I have. A favorite is True Colors.

Recently Boots passed on to be in a far better place. I will never forget her. She was a true lady and an inspiration. I like to think she is watching over us as we learn more about ourselves and grow in our profession.

If you wish to be inspired some more click on this link and enjoy -- compliments of “Boots”.

Positive Minus Negative

by Geraldine "Boots" Owens

NAEOP Past President